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Information nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Chad Moodley
Lol this phone will reboot by itself cant believe this was a good phone back then not even a gig of ram
Comment from : Chad Moodley

Sachin Santhosh
I remember those days when i use this Phone😭
Comment from : Sachin Santhosh

Had this phone back in 2012, it had a preloaded song (unfortunately the youtuber didn't go inside the media player so I could see it), sounded like a techno electric kinda music, by a brand, the first word in the song is "sorry" then the beat starts playing again. Pleaaaaase somebody, anybody, give me the title of that song!!! I'm looking for it so badly
Comment from : Alex J. KEMGO

Will it work in india
Comment from : RAVI TEJA

Anuj Kachhal
Sir says whatapps
Comment from : Anuj Kachhal

Pietro Moopy
I remember getting this, before I cared about smartphones. Remember buying a cheesy Hulk Hogan app and monopoly lol.
Comment from : Pietro Moopy

John Ridge
I don’t know how the heck i got here but i used to have this phone before.. the good old days..
Comment from : John Ridge

It's a great and speedy phone. Thinking about reactivating my T-Mobile 9315 here in 2018!
Comment from : JasnoGT

yoyo channel
Scran is tuch
Comment from : yoyo channel

Yuva Raag
buying in Oct 2017
Comment from : Yuva Raag

momin azhar
whatsap yas no
Comment from : momin azhar

tony mathew
all my friends think it's a bad idea but I'm giving up my samsung galaxy for a blackberry curve🙆. ordered one on eBay andd will get it next week
Comment from : tony mathew

Vince pizana
watching this in September 2016
Comment from : Vince pizana

Shelly Yeldham
Comment from : Shelly Yeldham

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