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Satanen Perkele
I have an MP3 player with only AUX output. Can I use this device to transfer the audio from the MP3 player to a bluetooth speaker? (The bluetooth speaker has no AUX output).
Comment from : Satanen Perkele

So this thing can stayed connected to a PC 24/7 just like a small USB transmitter?
Comment from : SpaceOrbison

Rahul Chautala
Bro I am trying to pair with my jabra headset. Blue light Keeps blinking on device as well as the headset.. Not pairing. Any luck?
Comment from : Rahul Chautala

Miguel Salami
Ja Ja da razzle & dazzle Ya Ya da musica 🎶 in da 😵vid 🎶is no GOOT👎 U veenerschnitzle ja ja doosledorph ya ya DANKE & GRATSKI👍👍
Comment from : Miguel Salami

Anna Serafinska
Hello, i Just bought this transmitter, and i paired IT with my Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones (they both have blue led slowly blinking, which indicates, they are paired), but they are not playing any sound. Plattans do work well with smartphones, and the transmitter also works with other devices (portable speaker etc), but they do not work together. I have reset the headphones, but IT did not help. Do you have any idea, why there is no sound?
Comment from : Anna Serafinska

Siddharth love
Sir my mobile sound in the TV it's can possible by this device
Comment from : Siddharth love

Can't get mine to connect to anything
Comment from : Doggieman1111

Patrick D
Sometimes mine gets froozen so i have to wait till it turns off to link it again. It works meh not DJ quality
Comment from : Patrick D

British Field Target
Can you connect two of these together, one being the transmitter and the other being a reciever.? as the trouble I have is both audio devices I want to connect don't have Bluetooth function.
Comment from : British Field Target

Vale Nengseh
is it work as a amplifier?
Comment from : Vale Nengseh

BehindYour House
Comment from : BehindYour House

neil pollock
Stop the annoying piano music in the background!!
Comment from : neil pollock

freddie sims
Comment from : freddie sims

StimulanS HR
Simple and cheap, does what it advertises!
Sound it outputs on 3.5mm jack is a little bass heavy, but that's a no complaint when you take price into account... Didn't really expect hi end hifi converters here :)

Comment from : StimulanS HR

tayyab khan
can i connect two bluetooth headphones together to have same audio to both headset?
Comment from : tayyab khan

Sir Renegade
hello original, this is not part of this video, but I just needed some advice, I am going to buy an LG smart tv, but i just needed to know if i can connect a bluetooth headset to it and also receive sound from the home theatre at the same time, will it work?
Comment from : Sir Renegade

Ian Wilson
It would be easier to hear what you're saying if you didn't have music running in the background.
Comment from : Ian Wilson

Asif Pial
Will this device transmit audio from tv to 2 bluetooth headphones?
Comment from : Asif Pial

Kylie Robinson
I need help. It didn't work for me.
Comment from : Kylie Robinson

kev jin
Doesn't work with Creative Soundblaster Jams. Also, stop your creepy "especially the girls" catchphrase.
Comment from : kev jin

Okay I've got a TV self on DVD player MP3 iPod cell phone and laptop

BUT am I the only one that thinks this device is absolutely f**** weird how can you connect your TV to your cell phone through a transmitter think about it? Wtf... how? Why? But what are those waves in the are doing to us constantly we're being hit with these cellular waves radio waves microwaves all the time

Comment from : UNITED-USA 2020 & BEYOND

ego green
More practice less talk
Comment from : ego green

charging the thing ???????????? derrrr
Comment from : wepipe

Hassan Alhulow
I connected the transmitter from my pc and tv but it’s giving me a lot of static noise through the Bluetooth headphones. Any solutions ?
Comment from : Hassan Alhulow

Jean Mason
What about normal tv with gamepad?
Comment from : Jean Mason

Wicked Waiata
OK - so a review video informs people about the performance of an item, pros and cons etc - which your video did not do!
Comment from : Wicked Waiata

Paweł Panasewicz
Can you connect two devices to each other so you can broad cast sound from TV and receive it on Amplifier?
Comment from : Paweł Panasewicz

Steff Traveler
I'm gonna use this for connecting the armrest 2way-jack inside an airplane to connect ro my bluetooth sony headphone . With and adapter fo course. Hope it will works. free headphones inside the airplane are rubbish.
Comment from : Steff Traveler

rishee pulluri
Sir it's support for car to mobile
Comment from : rishee pulluri

Can I use the 3.5 jack to RCA to my TV? and would that allow me to use my wireless headphones to listen to my TV on all inputs (ex.hdmi1,hdmi2)?
Comment from : YFNik

Mario Grillo
Can this be used to transmit an electric guitar signal to an amplifier?
Comment from : Mario Grillo

Ken Verrill
I bought one of these...how do I hook it up to watch YouTube videos from my phone to my TV?
Comment from : Ken Verrill

reuven meckdosi
Great video! I got one of this i did it all and its not connect to my earphones (soul emotion) can you help me wite it?
Comment from : reuven meckdosi

Logane King
Nice video, but music background is annoying
Comment from : Logane King

joe s
distance sucks
Comment from : joe s

This is an OLD device and IT IS CRAP! VERY low distance, MONO only. Terrible battery life.
Comment from : yogibear2k2

Usman Ashraf
can i connect two headphones in the mean time while we use transmit on tv ?
Comment from : Usman Ashraf

Steve Gad
Hard to concentrate with that awful 'Keystone Cops' piano, playing over the video. What in the world made you think that was a good idea?
Comment from : Steve Gad

Wasak Production
If i have 2 of those, if Bluetooth A is a Receiver and the Bluetooth B is a Transmitter, are they going to connect?
Comment from : Wasak Production

I've Seen sooo many of these eith the exact same look but each different manufacturers lol I stay away from those
Comment from : NoVaKane

tayyab khan
Is it possible to use this device for connecting two bluetooth headphones at the same time with the computer/laptop, to get the audio in both headphones?
Comment from : tayyab khan

Kofi Asumaning
I’m trying to use the transmit feature, so I connected it to my computer and I’m trying to transmit the sound to my jbl, the red light is stuck on the receiver and I don’t know what to do
Comment from : Kofi Asumaning

mario gonzales
Can you use this with gaming headphone to listen and chat
Comment from : mario gonzales

I was hoping this would work in bi-directional mode for sending and receiving audio either at the same time, or alternating like from a bluetooth headset. Does anybody know of such a device?
Comment from : t4thfavor1212

Richard Weeks
Challenge enough to understand your accent without that piano rag music playing!
Comment from : Richard Weeks

Sorry mate, but that's not a Swiss knife
Comment from : 555jaybo

Gerrit Bloem
I want to pair 2-In-1 Bluetooth Audio Receiver And Transmitter whit one (1) mp3 player. Is that possible? The mp3 player has bleu tooth. and wil connect to the 2 receiver/transmitters at the same thime
Comment from : Gerrit Bloem

Nick Iandolo
Couldn't get the darn thing to work no matter what I tried. It simply would not pair with my iJoy bluetooth headphones (that works beautifully with my Apple TV 4K). It's no good to me if the very thing I needed it for (to transmit audio from my blu-ray player to my headphones) doesn't work. I couldn't pair it with my iPhone 7 running iOS 12 either. The iPhone did find it but then it just vanished from the list. Anyway, the company that I bought it from, Poweradd, was actually kind enough to refund my money and I didn't have to ship back the product. I thought that the $15 price tag was too good to be true, and it was. Disappointing. Perhaps a description of what devices and Bluetooth version (e.g. 4.1) that the transceiver actually does work with would be helpful. Thanks!
Comment from : Nick Iandolo

jeffrey price
I got one, it makes the sound thin.
Comment from : jeffrey price

I bought one of these, and no matter how long I charged it (3 straight days) and it never worked. It didn't hold a charge and it wouldn't work even while "charging". It clearly can work, but it's iffy whether you get one that works or not.
Comment from : Dizz2K7

Arjay Nucup
My tv doesn't have 3.5mm jack, how can i make this device work on my tv? In the link there's the image of the av port, www.vimaket.com/?product=lg-32-full-hd-digital-led-tv-32lj500d
I hope you can help me, thanks

Comment from : Arjay Nucup

Lier, that is why he hides is face, i think this product does not work, i have a similair one, does not work.
Comment from : satish8299

zo1984 a

I just wanted to ask you how did you pair it to Bluedio T2 wireless headphones. I saw you did review those headphones on one of your videos, so I guess you were able to pair it to this 2 in 1 device.

Comment from : zo1984 a

Mr Davis
I bought this to connect a art +sound sound bar Bluetooth ,...to my smart TV that’s not a Bluetooth, The adapter works it says to plug it into the headphone jack and I press the adapter after to start both the speaker Bluetooth and the adapter Bluetooth are blinking rapidly but there’s no connection should it be in receiver mode or transmitter mode? Also could I get both the tv speakers and art + Sound sound bar to work same time?
Comment from : Mr Davis

Ibrahim Darwich Ajjour
Hi, I have 5.1 surround system which has three 3.5 output jack. Is there any device that can transmit Bluetooth with three 3.5 jacks?
Comment from : Ibrahim Darwich Ajjour

JC Network
so it also can be use as normal earphone if airpod battery flat? thx
Comment from : JC Network

Grover Techno
can i use this with dslr
Comment from : Grover Techno

A. V.
Can it be connected to the microphone and earphones simultaneously to be used as a wireless earpiece?
Comment from : A. V.

I have this transmiter.
I give 5/10

-poor range (2,5m in free space, 1m with some obstacles)

Comment from : Longer'S

Leon L.
Can I change the mode from receiving to transmitting by pressing the button or do I have to disconnect the cable which is currently not in use every time?
Comment from : Leon L.

So I have a question. I lost my Bluetooth dongle for my headset w/mic for my ps4 can I use this to replace the dongle?
Comment from : g317982

Kenneth Nicklowicz
Yes your video caused me to order one. (Ebay). They should pay you for the sales. I am testing to rule out a driver / device causing this. Amazing keep up these kind of videos as I share similar background and always enjoy a different view
Comment from : Kenneth Nicklowicz

Kenneth Nicklowicz
I got one and while the sound is good, it sounds a bit distorted and is not as clear as the BT standard. Guess you get what you pay for. Still love it and did a review
Comment from : Kenneth Nicklowicz

Jakub Wierzchowski
Dont buy it! quality of sound is terrible!
Comment from : Jakub Wierzchowski

Mario Lento
Question: If I buy 2 Audio-receiver (RT B6), will I be able to transmit music (with a wire plugged in the red transmit hole) with one and receive music (with a wire plugged in the black receive hole) with the other?
Comment from : Mario Lento

Mario Lento
Was anybody able to plug the bluetooth transmitter device (RT B6) to Apple AirPods?
Comment from : Mario Lento

Johnny Sammut
cannot pair with my Bluetooth earphones
Comment from : Johnny Sammut

Małpa Janusz
its bluetooth transmitter receiver HIFI MONo made in china
Comment from : Małpa Janusz

Farar Rarara
can i use this device to make my wired earphone to bluetooth one? or this only work for powered speaker?
Comment from : Farar Rarara

Many people have noticed and mentionned that this unit does not transmit in Stereo! I tested with an oscilloscope and sure enough, the transmission is in mono. The transmitter input is such that the left and the right signal are added together - (if you disconnect one channel, you still hear it from both earphone but if you connect the other channel, the volume goes up but still in MONO not in STEREO. I bought mine from Banggood (actually bought two) but now I'm pretty disapointed...
Comment from : derosoft

ruben blaz
buy this device and in the transmitter mode disconnected every 10 minutes I have to reconnect the cable to follow the transmission to someone I pass this?
Comment from : ruben blaz

Anuj Tyagi
Hi Dear,
It's not connecting with my X2T earbuds Bluetooth v4.2.
How to connect it with X2T? So that I can listen my TV via earbuds.

Comment from : Anuj Tyagi

Have anyone noticed that the audio its on mono?
Comment from : Lunitaproductions

Deviance Perth
One comment, iOS devices don’t support apt-X low latency.
Comment from : Deviance Perth

คณพศ ซ้วนตั้น
Is this aptX technology?
Comment from : คณพศ ซ้วนตั้น

Hana Kingi
the music is annoying. Did not watch to the end because music conflicted with the voice-over so you would benefit by turning it off.
Comment from : Hana Kingi

Nino F
I got 2. Very Poor transmitter sound quality. Electronic noise when used meantime charging.

Comment from : Nino F

Dionatha Alves
Can i let it always conected with usb port using with computer or the battery can be damaged ?
Comment from : Dionatha Alves

Vitor Amante
Hi. Do you have any problem like loosing pairing when in transmit mode, or the sound stopping playing in the headphones?
I have one recently, and trying to send my TV sound to my Bluedio 2+ headphones. But the transmission of sound or parring continues to fall.
And the sound quality is not that great...

Comment from : Vitor Amante

Ukvard Mil
Is this product a good solution for transmitting a sound from the computer to the speakers when watching movies via projector? Do you have a better solution? (I'm using a wired connection now, but the wire breaks very often so I'd like to try it wirelessly).
Comment from : Ukvard Mil

Mohsin Mahmood
dear original videos. i used device according to your way. it worked out well. thankss
Comment from : Mohsin Mahmood

Mohsin Mahmood
hello. i cannot transmit sound from my led to my nia x2 wireless headphones. need your guidance. thanks
Comment from : Mohsin Mahmood

Giampiero del Buono
la qualità audio è veramente molto scadente, volume basso, bassi che distrocono niente a che vedere con la trasmissione bluetooth da smartphone a cuffie, sconsiglio l'acquisto
Comment from : Giampiero del Buono

Manuel Haro
you didn't show any TV or audio system or phone as shown for an example for a better description. Disliked
Comment from : Manuel Haro

Hey got a question for you, I have a turn table with 3.5 headphone jack. Can I buy two of these and transmit the signal from my record player to the other one receiving on a set of non-bluetooth speakers in another room? The main part of my question is how would they recognize each others signals if there is no way to program them to each other. Is it possible?
Comment from : KenDavidson73

Powermine Ministries
will this work for a sony hdr fx1 camera with no bluetooth to a bluetooth soundboard?
Comment from : Powermine Ministries

Michael Vang
Lots of good informations:)
One question: is it possible to transmit audio from av receiver to bluetooth speaker simultaneously with main speaker setup?

Comment from : Michael Vang

colin brannan
Good instructional video but please lose the irritating piano music
Comment from : colin brannan

Richard Beaupre
I bought one of these devices two months ago. I used it sparingly but for about a month it worked fine. For the past two weeks, my iphone 7 has been unable to connect. I get a msg about making sure the unit is on and that my phone is nearby. Too bad. Initially I was impressed. Emailed the company asking for advice... no response... no surprise. I wouldn't recommend it, though perhaps with this post I might get some much appreciated help.
Comment from : Richard Beaupre

Perry Pelican
My experience with these kinds of transceivers is that the connections are only solid if there is a direct line to the other device with no movement. Does this one broadcast MIDI? I use something called the PUC+ for midi broadcasting. It basically makes a MIDI controller wireless. You should do a video on the PUC+. It's amazing with no noticeable latency.
Comment from : Perry Pelican

Anti Rincon
I am trying to connect a LG smart tv to the HIFI Wireless Receiver and Transmitter via Bluetooth Bose speaker and for some reason it will not sync. Please help.
Comment from : Anti Rincon

Avaye Ketab
I have this device and it is only pairing with only the one speaker bluetooth device I've used in the beginning And Now it cannot connect to any other bluetooth speakers.
Do you know how i can do it?

Comment from : Avaye Ketab

Can you please delete the terrible and annoying background music from your video? Very difficult to follow your description/review.
Comment from : teledual

Random Checked
how many bluetooth speakers can connect same time with this?
Comment from : Random Checked

Milk Maid
No it was confusing! You switched too many times
Comment from : Milk Maid

Mr. Pancakes
Background music is fucking annoying.
Comment from : Mr. Pancakes

I need to listen to my TV that does not have BT, but connect with the transmitter to Audio output; With another equal but as receiver connect to the audio input of the amplifier, which has no BT.

With two of these 2 in 1, one as emitter and another as receiver, in theory should work. But can they match?

I'll have to make sure before I buy them. Thanks for the answer.

Comment from : Odesterrado

Doug Drew
how do you connect 2 different devices to the device????
Comment from : Doug Drew

amechi anakwenze
Hi, i bought this and it works perfectly if am watching TV and it's connected to the TV. But if i am playing a DVD from a DVD machine, it doesn't work at all. Can you help?
Comment from : amechi anakwenze

אפי סטרול
I have a technical question about the connection. 
I want to use it as a transmitter, Can I connect the device to a speaker port of another device and actually turn the audio from the speaker output to Bluetooth on another device?Another question, can this be used in the vehicle, is there no danger or risk damage to the batteries or to device as a result of the heat in the vehicle during the day?

Comment from : אפי סטרול

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