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Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth

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Information Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth

Title :  Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth
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Frames Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth

Description Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth

Comments Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth

Brandon Avent
How can you turn subs off
Comment from : Brandon Avent

Kenny Mcgivern
When my screen pop's up everything is backwards idk if I'm wording this right so when ya read it you read it backwards what can I do thx
Comment from : Kenny Mcgivern

Mark Hoffmann
Does it read formats of MP4 and AVI??? And one more question please, can it see 15.000 audio tracks and 1.500 folders on a 3TB hard drive???
Comment from : Mark Hoffmann

Joseabraham Iguaran
Éxitos para todos los q quieren superar.
Comment from : Joseabraham Iguaran

Joseabraham Iguaran
Interesante ; se aprende cosas de ultima tecnologia.
Comment from : Joseabraham Iguaran

Whata the bluetooth pin
Comment from : DjTheDon614

Timothy Kelley
I got my Boss 7" DVD/Cd Bluetooth 85 x 4watt model BV9979B receiver last week and it's by far the best receiver I've ever owned. The quality of this stereo is unbelievable the clarity of the sound is remarkable the DVD is awesome. The Streaming the Bluetooth, USB hook ups, SD card input. They didn't leave anything out when they designed this unit and for under $150 out the door you can't beat it. Don't get me wrong I was skeptical at first cause I had never heard of them before until last week but I'll tell you I'm hooked on BOSS I have the receiver and a 1500 watt amp and it sounds great. Thank You BOSS for being easy on my pocket but giving my quality products.
Comment from : Timothy Kelley

Nakla media center
Comment from : Nakla media center

Will Cas
Like a Woman! Spot on dude!
Comment from : Will Cas

Geovanni Onofre
Buen día disculpa ya lo conecte y no puedo ver los modos q tiene solo m sale q hay q conectar la cámara q puedo aser
Comment from : Geovanni Onofre

Jason Bardwell
Any one have a problem with not seeing the stereo in day time?? I have to just use the screen? Any ideas??
Comment from : Jason Bardwell

Andrew Langellier
Why would you remove the face
Comment from : Andrew Langellier

5 Star Cane Corso
Can you hook up a backup camera to it?
Comment from : 5 Star Cane Corso

terry rafferzeder
wrong about that boss head units the worst out there nothing about them is stranded by industry work for a week then fall apart.
install cost more then radio does, boss does not stand behind warranty

Comment from : terry rafferzeder

Thangaraj Raj
How much price
Comment from : Thangaraj Raj

Gene den Daas
I don't know if the stylist docks into the unit, or if it even could due to it being a removable face but,
something similar to an Android phone; like the Samsung Galaxy Note, that has that smooth eject feature for its stylist would be very convenient for keeping track of it. Thanks for this review - I'm half sold!

Comment from : Gene den Daas

Xxan_dryxx 14
How do you test it with a battery? I wanna test it before buying a used one
Comment from : Xxan_dryxx 14

Fatboy vs Gravity
My screen won't open
Comment from : Fatboy vs Gravity

Noe R.N
Tienes cómo explicarlo en español ...
Comment from : Noe R.N

John A . Demers
This System Does not Fit in a Mercury Grand Marquis 2004. Probably all Years 2000 and up. This is a Fact.
Comment from : John A . Demers

Cali Hughes
Does this work with 99-04 mustangs??
Comment from : Cali Hughes

xX squeaker Xx
If you think 140$ is cheap you really dont know how to value your money
Comment from : xX squeaker Xx

Suicide Silence
Is it compatible with a 2009 Kia Rio?
Comment from : Suicide Silence

Dalton Nelson
I got one and I'm putting it in a 88 Chevy pick up and it powers on but no sound through the speakers, I can't figure it out any help would be appreciated.
Comment from : Dalton Nelson

Frank Elliott
Will fit a 1990 f150 xlt
Comment from : Frank Elliott

Theresa P.
Great review. Thank you. You kept it real! And entertaining.
Comment from : Theresa P.

John Green
My stereo does not have the same programming is yours some reason and it's the same number estereo the bv9967b it's different you don't have Bass settings and the radio is different don't understand that but everything else is the same
Comment from : John Green

виталий вуколов
главное, что и я понял
Comment from : виталий вуколов

Abdullah Sarwar
Hey I have question an im hoping someone can help me out, I wanna buy a radio like this but this is a 20 pin, my does not have a 20 but instead another one, is it OK to buy an adapter like this one
To avoid stripping the cables and joining them manually? , thanks

Comment from : Abdullah Sarwar

Does anyone know if this unit has any sort of subwoofer controls? Looking for a low pass filter setting....
Comment from : mchynoweth13

Iqbal Khan
Comment from : Iqbal Khan

De'Andre Brown
Can you add a back camera on this one
Comment from : De'Andre Brown

Dennis Brooks
Boss sucks..it comes on goes off
.stops says errors..flashdrive unreadable..ill never buy one again..ill bang on pots and pans before i listen to music using your equipment

Comment from : Dennis Brooks

Eugene Brown
Love it sometimes it gives it up an some times it doesn’t
Comment from : Eugene Brown

what video formats do boss use when playing music videos or any video

Tony Rollin
Hey what's up I have this unit and I put it in my 2002 chevy avalanche. It will play for about tow or three days then it will cut out then I took it out I check all the connections and the fuses all we're good so I took it out unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked fine well it keeps on happening do you think you can tell me why ?
Comment from : Tony Rollin

Adeleye Adebiyi
My flip monitor doesn’t display when totally flipped out, during d process of sliding it displays.
Comment from : Adeleye Adebiyi

My beautiful and amazing Princess
Does this radio has Bluetooth plz answer my question soon its very important !
Comment from : My beautiful and amazing Princess

Great video. I have the 9967rc model and everything is very loud except cd and dvd. Radio is screaming with volume at 22 and cd/dvd have to turn up to 50 and not very loud.
Comment from : bigjplay

Vadim Koloman
Does it fit audi q7 2008?
Comment from : Vadim Koloman

Lupus Arcticus
its perfect for old cars like monteros,crossfires, 240sx, eclipses 90-2003
Comment from : Lupus Arcticus

Herbert Sama
is there a way to have the screen up always even when the keys are not in the car?
Comment from : Herbert Sama

Alvin David
I have found a In Dash DVD GPS at seicane
Comment from : Alvin David

Daniel Maldonado
Great review.. thanks!
"Just like a woman"...hahaha

Comment from : Daniel Maldonado

ZZquaker Cooler
Miracle happened that day 😝
Comment from : ZZquaker Cooler

Tublus Magoo
For a minute there I thought I had scored a good one, I purchased a bv9967b and installed it in no time at all, sweeeet. Hell, I was smilein, pattin myself on the back for the great job i had done,,,,,,no mistakes( at least not mine).
Ok, I plugged it in and , man it worked perfectly. Went through all the setup motions, which were plenty, but i didnt mind some-gun sounded great. And then it happend ; the great big mega thorn ran straight up my Dari er, and brought me tumbling to the crapper showing no remorse at all, You see, I had configured the the whole setup at a volume of about 5, didnt realy need it any louder for setup, right. Well I inched er up to 6 on the ol voulume nob and it sounding dang good, but need to be just a tinny bit louder, not much just one more notch and every thing would be (HELL YAH! ). so I twisted the ol volume nob one more tiny click and BLLAAMM!!! that sucker scared the bajesus out of me and i aint afraid of nothin. Thats right , from 6 to 7 is instant and damaging, soooo figured it was a manufacturing screwup, so I retured it and got another brand new still in the box Boss, and much to my dismay this one is doing the same thing, it goes from just a little to quiet to soiling your Blummmmaaares in an instant.
Does Anybody know anything about whats going on, surly there must be some way to fix this crazy ass thing. Shure would appreciate the help, one way or the other.

Comment from : Tublus Magoo

aAaa aAaa
Does the screen eventually break on the flip-outs? Or the motors? can't imagine they are rated to survive for thousands of open-close cycles...
Comment from : aAaa aAaa

Jake Farms
Rear view camera plug in?
Comment from : Jake Farms

Matt Bryant
Look at this on eBay www.ebay.com/itm/222463292453
Comment from : Matt Bryant

Frank Thomas
😂😂yoo! He outta pocket at 8:02
Comment from : Frank Thomas

butt head
Comment from : butt head

Zeno Beatz
what fromat do i need to play vidoes
Comment from : Zeno Beatz

carlos reyes
can the screen be tilted or adjust in any way
Comment from : carlos reyes

El Guero Z71
can it fit on a 1994 chevy silverado Z71
Comment from : El Guero Z71

Jonathan Vasquez
will it fit into Toyota Innova? ty
Comment from : Jonathan Vasquez

07:16 "$140.00 let's keep it real" LMAO... XD
Comment from : Pablito87

Georgia Boi Gaming
Where do I pull my subwoofer red and white into? Rch red and Lch white or subwoofer grey?
Comment from : Georgia Boi Gaming

Rene Portillo
What it's the link for Bluetooth
Comment from : Rene Portillo

Gabe Ulrickson
with the flip out monitor... it does it extremely quickly because the system will turn completely off when the face is removed
Comment from : Gabe Ulrickson

I've gone through two of these and nothing but problems on both strongly discourage anyone from getting one of these
Comment from : Blake

does this fit a saturn ion?
Comment from : RACERhitman001

Loucchie Alexander
does this fit 99 mercedes c class
Comment from : Loucchie Alexander

Help me install it
Comment from : VIET USA

Tyler Turner
link for the right dashkit?
Comment from : Tyler Turner

Joseph Cervantes
does it have GPS????
Comment from : Joseph Cervantes

Shirley Wang
Black Friday Sale, Car DVD Player, the lowest price during the whole year.

Comment from : Shirley Wang

cesar efrain sifuentes serrato
aver q alguen m diga xq este boss BV9992 no le funciona blueooth q pasa o solo es de adorno el logo en mi pantalla
Comment from : cesar efrain sifuentes serrato

Kenni Siu
does it work with 2013 Scion FR-S?
Comment from : Kenni Siu

derek helton
it's 85x 4 watts stereo what is the RMS Watts ?
Comment from : derek helton

Isaac Vinales
I dont think i have ever laughed at a review, 3:57-4:04
Comment from : Isaac Vinales

Jasmine Fernan
Will this fit in a Ford Focus 2003?
Comment from : Jasmine Fernan

Do these need to be removed from the cold like GPS units? GPS's screens usually go to hell after being left out in the cold.
Comment from : stillbreathing37

Amber Beverly
Nov 2016 on Amazon this radio goes for $77 and Amazon even lets you check if this radio is compatible with your car!
Comment from : Amber Beverly

Marcus Redmond
what does it mean if the AF ad on are blinking and no audio
Comment from : Marcus Redmond

Mississippi Purp
yo. I was messing around in my settings and pressed what was called calibration. so now I have a blank screen with a cross going from corner to corner. I just wnq get back in my regular menu screen but no buttons are working. every time I push on the screen the little cross just goes to the next corner
Comment from : Mississippi Purp

Miguel Delgado
Can this unit fit in a 06' Corolla?
Comment from : Miguel Delgado

Syed Raza
will this fit a zafira 2000 please answer
Comment from : Syed Raza

Will in fit in a 1995 Toyota Camry le ?

picked one up from amazon, very cheap too.
The Good: cheap, the sound quality is very good actually if you dial it in right, the screen is not bad for watching movies, install was simple, it's got rear camera in, video out, 3 pre-outs, bluetooth, aux-in, dvd, swc, rear usb is for charging only, front usb and sd card
The Bad: the ui is very slow, using the stylus is easier to navigate, the touchscreen is not great, buttons on headunit feels cheap, my first unit went back because the faceplate was jammed. Amazon exchanged it right away.

answers to some of the questions below.....
for model bv9967B

*the screen cannot be tilted
*you can put movies on sd or usb but they most likely wont play. All my regular DVD's work fine. no problems
*you cannot change the wallpaper, there are 3 options....that's it
*you cannot change the color of the headunit
*rear camera works fine, reverse trigger works too

Comment from : Akira

ginger kid
does it use a normal dash kit?
Comment from : ginger kid

curry flora
Have you figured out how to change the tilt on the screen?
Comment from : curry flora

why doesn't it have a clock?
Comment from : xXxGnuVirusxXx

Carlyle Tom
Several years ago bought this model or similar 2 times (without the stylus) and had it stolen from my work van both times. However I did enjoy them while they lasted. Lol. I'd definitely recommend them.
Comment from : Carlyle Tom

Randy Edwards
will this fit a 2003 Ford F150? and will the 7 inch screen clear the dash since it's a round dash?
Comment from : Randy Edwards

Mike Mitchell
What is the dimensions, not sure it would fit my 84
Comment from : Mike Mitchell

Lewis Johnson III
rear view camera quality?
Comment from : Lewis Johnson III

Mike Wooldridge
how do u get the screen to stay up when u turn the vehicle off
Comment from : Mike Wooldridge

James Bergman
Is there a red led version of this? if so can i get a link to find one
Comment from : James Bergman

Jordan tye
Will it fit 05 crown Victoria????????
Comment from : Jordan tye

Jaydon Ballman
what accessories would I need to buy for it all to work
Comment from : Jaydon Ballman

Jaydon Ballman
ne remind it's already in ur subscription
Comment from : Jaydon Ballman

Jaydon Ballman
could u send me a link to the website to buy it
Comment from : Jaydon Ballman

Jaydon Ballman
will it fit in a 01 dodge ram 1500 with the dash kit
Comment from : Jaydon Ballman

Leo D
check out Boss Audio BV9364B Unboxing - www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTBVF5sRZr8
Comment from : Leo D

masood jabbar
its a totally scam company to Canadian , quality garbage , radio signal bad , I got it for my bmw 320 I e 46 , did not fit , looks bad after isnstalation , they said it fit to your car but they are big lie scamer .go to your local guys .
Comment from : masood jabbar

Alexander Alex
can i play videos from my flash card and sd card?
Comment from : Alexander Alex

Samuel Elias
Is this product reliable ? I have been reading many bad reviews thanks
Comment from : Samuel Elias

Brian Fischer
do you know if the color can be changed and the brightness adjusted?
Comment from : Brian Fischer

amigo, que tal la reproducción de dvd?
Comment from : QUE TE IMPORTA

Craig Belcher
Nice review. Do you know if this will fit a 2002 Dodge Quad Cab?
Comment from : Craig Belcher

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