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GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club Tasting - December 2017

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Information GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club Tasting - December 2017

Title :  GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club Tasting - December 2017
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Frames GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club Tasting - December 2017

Description GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club Tasting - December 2017

Comments GaryVee's Monthly Wine Club Tasting - December 2017

Francisco de la luz Gonzalez
Shout out to Stags Leo’s district Rutherford and Caymus ! Absolutely doing bag o burgers from the A&W burgers and vino ASAP 🍔
Comment from : Francisco de la luz Gonzalez

Ship to Australia please
Comment from : freshMilly

It's so crazy to see you in HD!!! After watching your 360p videos for so long, it's just amazing!
Comment from : M

Freddie Slaughter
Thanks for sharing your wine review
Comment from : Freddie Slaughter

Freddie Slaughter
Can you get all red wines on your wine club? Can you get wines on every three months instead of every month?
Comment from : Freddie Slaughter

David Paige
My mom went on a blind double date with the Fridge back in the early/mid 80s lol
Comment from : David Paige

Daniel Hicks
Wine Library is insanely depressing now. But I went there on Monday and they are still pumping out very strong value. In store they have a GREAT QPR Graves. Chateau de Landiras. under $20 and conveys the singular Graves terroir. WOW, ready to drink.
Comment from : Daniel Hicks

Randy Elliott
When are videos being made/posted for the Jan & Feb wine club tastings?
Comment from : Randy Elliott

Cheryl Baker
I just signed up in time for the February deal. Really excited to see and TASTE what's in it! We are new to wine. Went to a wine tasting in Nov and had a blast. I'm fascinated by wine and how it's an expression of the terroir and the winemaker's skill. Found Wine Library TV as I was scouring youtube to learn about wines etc. I decided to watch all your videos in order from the beginning! I'm up to about episode #50 or so. A little sad you've stopped doing those, but super happy that you're doing this now! Is it too early for a hint about Feb's wine club offerings? :D
Comment from : Cheryl Baker

Robert cekay
Ship to CHICAGO!
Comment from : Robert cekay

Andrew Ortwein
Just popped the Collide. This thing is a monster!! Like getting slapped across the face with a 3 lb slab of peppered beef jerkey. I need a knife and fork to cut it. Love it!
Comment from : Andrew Ortwein

Ken Ginel
This wine club is absolutely amazing. Been a member since the beginning. Every bottle so far has been perfect. Can’t wait to pop open the Sicilian wine for my mother on Christmas Day.
Comment from : Ken Ginel

Mark Benfield
Tried the Firriato after watching your vid. Not as much chalkiness as you detected but then I didn't grow up with a crushed rock driveway. Great fruit. I get the beaujolais comparison in terms of fruit. Going to let this open up. It is elegant. Wonderful wine.
Comment from : Mark Benfield

S Press
Where’s October’s wine club video? Can’t find it 🧐
Comment from : S Press

Ryan Carton
Loved the wine...sad no champagne but next month to break in the new year! Woo wee that Italian was chalky...brings me back to Napoli and needing to alternate sips of wine with water! Thanks for the info between the medium & full body, learning a lot! We'll be making our wine club video feedback tomorrow!
Comment from : Ryan Carton

Brad Wright
Is this the GaryVee CALIFORNIA Wine Club?? 6 of the first 10 wines are from Cali. Looking forward to trying the Firriato. Let's get more old world wines in the mix. And yes to Champagne.
Comment from : Brad Wright

conor harrigan
Hoping they aint high pH flab bombs! Anxious for my first shipment!!! I trust the V.
Comment from : conor harrigan

ny pete
where's SS Chris?
Comment from : ny pete

Jamie Engel, Florida Keys Real Estate
Loved October and November's choices.Can't wait to get our package for December! You are making me go out of my 'Comfort Zone' each month with these BIG red wines....but I love it!  This has been a really fun way to introduce my children (26, 25 & 23) to things other than fruity cocktails, beers or cheap wines.  Cheers!
Comment from : Jamie Engel, Florida Keys Real Estate

Jeff Eckles
Holy cow! Trouty!!! Great to see you, it's been forever.
Comment from : Jeff Eckles

Aaron Daane
While "The Fridge" seems like a great guy, it's BS that he got a touchdown in the Super Bowl, but Walter Payton did not.
Comment from : Aaron Daane

Steven Gates
This is so great Gary! We love your content so much, we made a subreddit for it!


Lets get the youtubers onto the subreddit! Looking forward to have so much more fun! And to share wine with you all!

Comment from : Steven Gates

Karin Clarke
Just receive this as early Christmas present!
Oh, boy....👍🏼👏🏼

Comment from : Karin Clarke

Awesome pumped for the wines, also so nice to get a good old fashion WLTV throwback just need a few wrestlers and sweatband
Comment from : T_Sycamore

Kyuwon Lee
Super excited Gary!
Comment from : Kyuwon Lee

Cherise Mazur
I asked you not to disappoint & you have not yet! I was strictly a Pinot Grigio girl for many years but your wine club has definitely opened my pallet!
Thanks Gary!

Comment from : Cherise Mazur

Ethan Hauptli
reds all the way !!!
Comment from : Ethan Hauptli

David Redding
I appreciate this knowledge and how you deliver it. Boosted to get my 1st Package.📦
Comment from : David Redding

Live Well Chiropractic
What kind of employee training you got going on over there....when one of your staff has no idea who the FRIDGE is? C'mom ;) thanks for this months wine and review!! It is my first month and looking forward to the delivery!
Comment from : Live Well Chiropractic

Giancarlo Montenegro
Love being a member of the club -- What was the champagne that almost made the box?

Thank you WL and Gary for everything!!

Comment from : Giancarlo Montenegro

Brandon Pope, MD
Great video. Would love to have a drink or save (and for how long) for each on the sheet. Thanks for the high value.
Comment from : Brandon Pope, MD

Excited for this month, my dad and I loved last month and since this month is red, it'll be awesome. Excited to try all these especially the "big boy" wine. Curious to see how it compares to some other big wines. Example would be Relentless by Schafer
Comment from : benh2891

Kristie Siroonian
Super jazzed on three big reds this month! #thefridge
Comment from : Kristie Siroonian

Jeff LeFevre
These sound great!
Comment from : Jeff LeFevre

Garrett Droege
Come on, kids. The Fridge. A legend. It's important that you know him.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BZGy1XfYPU
Comment from : Garrett Droege

Joshua Orrantia
Love all the "Fridge" banter
Comment from : Joshua Orrantia

Kathleen Lisson
Thanks for going red this month! Inspiring me to make some fabulous meals this month!
Comment from : Kathleen Lisson

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