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How to Learn About Wine

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Information How to Learn About Wine

Title :  How to Learn About Wine
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Comments How to Learn About Wine

Jake Kramer
great interview for us beginners. gary he was about to throw a real right hook there at the end
Comment from : Jake Kramer

I've wanted to get into wine for some time now. I would get overwhelmed by the choices and then then pass say to myself. I'm not a wine person, I hate wine people.
Comment from : jason12085

Jesus Rodriguez
That was fantastic!
Comment from : Jesus Rodriguez

Syed Asrar
Thanks for keeping the last segment 😄❤️
Comment from : Syed Asrar

Tim Brown Blacksmith and Knife Maker
I love the video. Wine is supposed to be enjoyed not analysed.
Comment from : Tim Brown Blacksmith and Knife Maker

Tell me something about wine that I don't know.
Comment from : SeouL

Legit the last minute of this entire video was like the most valuable for me. I'm not a Wine Drinker or anything but I definitely hit the Subscribe button hit the follow button and have just about every book from Gary. So I look for small nuggets out of anything I consume of his. And how Gary like praised this guy right before asking the question of the day and then! Did not waver and allow him to put a very simple marketing, and what I feel Gary thought was a BS question, out to this community speaks value.

Long story short even if you admire/Respect someone and you have a belief. sometimes you just can't allow your admiration to overshadow your belief. Like always Gary speaking his truth.

Comment from : theKINGdre_xlv

Franck Scuotto
I live in the French Riviera (in France) there is a looot of winery, here. I love Italian Wine... Wine is very good for health, but we don't have to abuse of it. When you drink Wine it disinhibits and you feel better after 1 or 2 glasses of red wine. You should try the Italian wine from Verona named "Recioto della Valpolicella Classico" it's a product of the Bolla's company (the picture of the bottle : bit.ly/2nijemt)
Comment from : Franck Scuotto

a. a.
What does "some" mean? And why are "somes" digfaces? I don't know the vocabulary :-D
Comment from : a. a.

Herman Melville
Wine isn't health.
Comment from : Herman Melville

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