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Best Camera Phones in 2019

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Title :  Best Camera Phones in 2019
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Comments Best Camera Phones in 2019

1:32 Practically identical? πŸ€”
Comment from : Weslley

erland vloger
Best camera in the world is a xiaomi mi note 10 pro
Comment from : erland vloger

Tanyi Roberts
Wow really cool review ,you should see this review has weird reviews too www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6AgbQcr_w4
Comment from : Tanyi Roberts

Md Suhel Ahmed
Comment from : Md Suhel Ahmed

Ahmed Hossam
S10+ camera isn't that good like that
Comment from : Ahmed Hossam

Ash The Duke
should i get a canon camera
Comment from : Ash The Duke

Nokia 9 Pureview should be #1
Comment from : HalalBoi9021

K_Too much Sauce
you should've added the Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro
Comment from : K_Too much Sauce

the best camera phone IN FACT

is LG V40 thinq it has a fucking quality better than most normal cameras and go pros heck you can even swim with it more then 4K RES and 60 FPS

even the new UPCOMING LG v60 is gonna have more cameras and it will have the highest MP camera quality better than any phone

trust me when i say this guys but google it and research it the new LG phones are the best cameras ever

Comment from : A D

Sakir Khan
Phone ke 4 camera kaise chalayen
Comment from : Sakir Khan

Makdad Othmane
Iphone 11 pro max best
Comment from : Makdad Othmane

sivasubramani kanagasabai
which phone supports 1080p with 60 or 120fps with fast autofocus in normal video recording
Comment from : sivasubramani kanagasabai

Itz_ Savannah
What about huawei p30 not pro?
Comment from : Itz_ Savannah

best one for camera quality?? [Picture quality from rear]
Comment from : SkylerXV

Poket Gym
iphone tennis and tennis max πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Comment from : Poket Gym

Cesar Gonzalez 510
What about the Samsung a50 and a70 ? It has a 30 mp camera and 25 mp selfie camera
Comment from : Cesar Gonzalez 510

I have the iPhone xr and it is amazing in my opinion you should get the xr
My mum has the iPhone 11 and we both think the XR has better quality

Comment from : THE B-BALLER

Jack Frick
I like my LG 40thinQ. 5 cameras, have a 500 G SD card, good battery and can use my Rode mikes with the headphone plug. Add my Smooth 4 gimbal and I am happy with the rig. Would like to see the addition of Gorilla Glass. Thanks for review. Texas Jack
Comment from : Jack Frick

Pixel 3 missed video, why ? Because is bad ?
Comment from : Matej

Arabulla Khan
Oppo reno 20x zoom
Comment from : Arabulla Khan

Which should I choose from them?
Comment from : maria_maraki

Ashwin Khan
Comment from : Ashwin Khan

saif md

to skip adds on YouTube automatically.. Use link πŸ”— above

Comment from : saif md

Indian Railways
Nokia 9 pureview is best
Comment from : Indian Railways

Chance Figueroa
(Redmi K20 pro) is just as good, if not better then the (Pixel-3)
This phone deserves to be featured!

Comment from : Chance Figueroa

Nokia 9
Comment from : SHUTTEr Smash

Jubaraj Singha
Samsung Galaxy C9 pro
Comment from : Jubaraj Singha

Samsung galaxy note 10+ needs to be added
Comment from : AgentMonkey08

Sasho Stoyanov
Varna kurti vuv varna mirishe na jonka
Comment from : Sasho Stoyanov

amaya evoulou
IPhone 11 is triggered
Comment from : amaya evoulou

Jawad ullah
i like all but i have no money for buy πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ͺ.
Comment from : Jawad ullah

Roman Reigns
narrator sounds like the guy from fps russia
Comment from : Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
bezels are annoying
Comment from : Roman Reigns

Kevin Whiting
Video 40 from LG
Comment from : Kevin Whiting

Rissa 4life
iPhone 11 pro has really good camera quality
Comment from : Rissa 4life

Mr. Rey
Lg V30 and use Gcam
Comment from : Mr. Rey

Donna Washer
Galaxy note 10 +
Comment from : Donna Washer

aman sharma
U forgot LG v40
Comment from : aman sharma

Fahad tech
Where is poco f1
Comment from : Fahad tech

Tamara Smith
Iphone 11 pro
Comment from : Tamara Smith

jayashankar mr j
Lg g8
Comment from : jayashankar mr j

Pangs Tv
ckk.ai/O7CtEEI check this 2019 best smart phone
Comment from : Pangs Tv

Raff phツ
Tanong kolang meron bang cellphone akpag binili ng bago wala talagang damage or lahat ng bagay sa mundo ay hinde perepkto
Comment from : Raff phツ

You don't do your research properly. Obviously you knew only three brands of phone..shame..go to mobile phone shop I guarantee you there's a lot of different mobile phone out there with better camera.
Comment from : Tidal CHANGE

i can only afford to watch these videos with free net
Comment from : THE SIMPLE DEVIL

Tok Adi
No 1 samsung
No2 huawei

Comment from : Tok Adi

Monster Smile Music
I still feel like the Sony xa2 holds up to its camera even if its 3 years old
Comment from : Monster Smile Music

Are all photos taken in Bulgaria?
Comment from : Downhill

max shelltrack
Only phones that have manual controls should be on the list.
Comment from : max shelltrack

Memon Memon
How much
Comment from : Memon Memon

Tommy De Sadi
No Nokia 9?
The best phone when it comes to RAW?
You have to be a complete casual to leave out that piece of hardware.

Comment from : Tommy De Sadi

Andrea & Althea TV
I'd go to Samsung,, better Smart Phone Ever even their old Unit still working until Now....
Comment from : Andrea & Althea TV

Saad Gamal
Who is confusing to get which phone here :)?
Comment from : Saad Gamal

James Karol Biano
Mate 20
Comment from : James Karol Biano

Can you make a video with a different voice ?
Comment from : buggabuggaboy

Can you make a video where you discuss the best cameras on phones around 400 dollars??
Comment from : Wouter

Joe Blow
Huawei phones have the best camera by far
Comment from : Joe Blow

Bryan Pacheco
Nokia Lumia 1020?
Comment from : Bryan Pacheco

zin zin
To everybody saying why iphone xs max is on this list its the second best camera after pixel 3XL on photography and the absolute best on videography. Im a samsung fan myself btw
Comment from : zin zin

One plus 7 pro is laughing at you..

Peng Hai
Oneplus7pro & redmik20 or honor view 20 or oppo reno10x zoom🀫
Comment from : Peng Hai

sangtea rspa
Where is oppo reno 10x zoom..its better than iphone and samsung
Comment from : sangtea rspa

Jimel Quann
Did you forget the mate 20 pro...
Comment from : Jimel Quann

Jahid Hasan Tonmoy
-1+ 7pro...
Comment from : Jahid Hasan Tonmoy

Kakos Power
i think this video is the first that has a 4k mode in the settings
Comment from : Kakos Power

Ali Corleone
Great video with accurate details, I got the S10+ after watching it.
Comment from : Ali Corleone

Aslam Salam
Best camara phon??? S9. Rek20pro onplus
Comment from : Aslam Salam

What I hate about the new generation of phones is that most of them exaggerate perspective too much, I don't want that ugly fisheye lens look on my photos. Before we had less pixels but at least the image wasn't as deformed.
Comment from : MIHAI S.

Pathum Tharidu
where is the one plus 7 and 7 pro
Comment from : Pathum Tharidu

ScreaM LoL
Are you bulgarian ? I saw some pictures that are taken in bulgaria
Comment from : ScreaM LoL

Eleomel Joseph Saceda
right now NOtE 9 is still a beast.
Comment from : Eleomel Joseph Saceda

Unusefull video
Comment from : Francesco

Asus 6z

Red Rebel
Reno 10 x πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
Comment from : Red Rebel

Kevin Whiting
No ip rating or expandable storage or headphone jack is a no for me.. Why compromise. Get it all in v40
Comment from : Kevin Whiting

Jonathan Edwards
This was uploaded on my birthdayπŸ˜‚
Comment from : Jonathan Edwards

SphinX _
well then , you don't know what is xperia 1 capable off
Comment from : SphinX _

Marko Salevic
Huawei p30 pro πŸ₯‡πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ’ͺ
Comment from : Marko Salevic

Gijs Maters
Iphone cameras are shit compared to phones like Motorola one
Comment from : Gijs Maters

Gijs Maters
Does someone know how you get that zoomed in and blurry copy of the image behind the actual image? So not the background in the photo is blurry but the background behind the photo if you understand what I mean?
Comment from : Gijs Maters

Dimitris Karolidis
there in no point to put note 9 in the list you already put 2 samsung phones with superior camera. HTC U12 PLUS deserve a spot on the list !
Comment from : Dimitris Karolidis

Adam Sholeh
Pixel 3 series best detail photo
Comment from : Adam Sholeh

Sooraj Shine
Best camera smartphone under 400 dollars
Comment from : Sooraj Shine

Alain noname
S10 5g
Comment from : Alain noname

Criste Stolvads
who are creators of do not get angry my concern I am disgusted with this two manufacturers of Abel integrated temperature and humidity sensor of environment only to 4 models of cell phones cruelly having 2437 Smartphone with barometer And these unfortunates forgiving the word because motherf****r I do not know if you melt antivirus I'm quite upset with them because of those four models here eliminated from having temperature sensor and humidity of the environment and really that is a lack of respect and an account against the user user and I am one of the victim of I am with this using the Galaxy Note 3 S4 or Galaxy j1 Thor x first and second generation is among the manufacturer of the cell phone sensor I think that you should give a demand for discontinuing the temperature sensors and humidity with the barometer but they have not really really been eliminated yet they are integrating it inside instead of integrating the outside but it is assumed that there is an estimated 600 cell model with temperature and humidity sensor and I respect the rights I say the tastes of the users of many users like us autists like me Luisito angry with these manufacturers of the sensors I do not know if you just guess and the designers of smartphones and accessories really have to apply the law, shame these manufacturers or designers, are supposed to be added sensors and not eliminate in this cruel way!😑

half of silicon valley are autistic, so be these smart phone technology and so it would be much better and none against the likes of users!

Comment from : Criste Stolvads

I'm using a oppo A5s

Of course you don't care

Comment from : Pric3zulstarYT

Ali Corleone
Bravo, dobro video :)
Comment from : Ali Corleone

I'm Raj Kamal
Oneplus is missing???
Comment from : I'm Raj Kamal

Xperia 1 kill all other brands on every front
Comment from : SolarChip

Mirza Rizwan baig
Let's talk camera
The end

Comment from : Mirza Rizwan baig

S10 and S10+ are best phone with best technology
Comment from : PARTH ASHOK24

Akash First Free Legal Helpline Of India
Vivo pro f 15 has best camera quality also . mention that too in your video . world first front camera with 32 mp and back three cameras of 48 mp 12 and 8 np
Comment from : Akash First Free Legal Helpline Of India

Someone Keadan
ZenFone 6 is the best so far, and you ddidn't mention it
Comment from : Someone Keadan

Rubina Chhetri
where is oneolus 7pro ??
Comment from : Rubina Chhetri

SAJAL A lasting impression
Google pixel 3 xl best
Comment from : SAJAL A lasting impression

Mate 20 Pro
Comment from : Jon

xury _
Wrong, it's SONY XPERIA 1
Comment from : xury _

Angel A-ones Roman
Lg deserves to be on the list because of the versatility of their cameras, the LG g8, V50 and V40...
Comment from : Angel A-ones Roman

Muhammad Usman
lg g8 ?
Comment from : Muhammad Usman

Zael Busta
Where's the Sony Xperia 1.
Comment from : Zael Busta

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