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Title :  Review: Flip Video Ultra
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Chloe Rauscher
Is it waterproof
Comment from : Chloe Rauscher

how much is it
Comment from : djtazer13

I love that dog! What is his breed?
Comment from : ilovebanannas

Awesome! I won 2, a pink & a yellow one from a contest Nickelodeon Magazine! :D
Comment from : flippo304

Ken Bell
what are recording this with? lol
Comment from : Ken Bell

Linux sucks
Comment from : likeshitboy

I didnt have to pay for mine, i won my flip in an online contest.
Comment from : SeriesDez

@anna1caroline2 It WAS, $200, 4 Months ago it was Lmao
Comment from : BrittFlix

My favourite camera..love it...taken it all over the world from Japan to Ireland and back home.. kids use it...great fun. check out my uploads....
Comment from : fjbutch

I just have a flip Mino HD,, but it's ''great''...have taken it all over the world..from Japan to Ireland and back home.... kids use it...check out my uploads....lots of fun....
Comment from : fjbutch

THAT CRAP IS NOT WORTH $200.00!! I means seriously. It has bad HD, Horrible sound, Overpriced, The piece of garbage takes battery?? What kind of camera takes batteries? The Flip is a piece of shit
Comment from : BrittFlix

Joshua Chang
point and shoot video camera for 200 bucks lol my phone can do better flips are pretty bad.. they just started from all the hype
Comment from : Joshua Chang

200$ for something that take as good pictures as my phone and you can buy a regular camera for 200$ and get tons of features and good quality
Comment from : PixelToast

@ownedbymee Yes. but you must buy a protective underwater case, which is available on the flip website. it will cost about $50
Comment from : Whatsername2424

yea, about the programs where u get to edit ur videos, there is a really good program called flipshare
Comment from : Cheesetoon

Alex Proctor
how do you charge one ?
Comment from : Alex Proctor

can u shoot underwater
Comment from : ownedbymee

u can charge, u got to have the battery pack, its optional, but mine is not working as of now
Comment from : gregrocks66

Lara Gilua
what if your laptop's a MAC, how do you import your videos from the flip cam to the laptop? is it the same thing?
Comment from : Lara Gilua

Lara Gilua
what if your laptop's a MAC, how do you import your videos from the flip cam to the laptop? is it the same thing?
Comment from : Lara Gilua

Not sure if this is because mine is newer. But in Windows 7 I get the DCIM folder and I can just grab the files straight from the cam. Got it for free for doing a newegg contest and for free... best quality video/sound ever.
Comment from : Sm0kaCola

@Daichi575 ya
Comment from : NESMeister

are you realated to austin powers
Comment from : alcaptwo

@shortstack070 no
Comment from : MrYo888779

cool. thanks!
Comment from : jvictorino

Kinda, it's like you just stop the video and then shoot another one. Once you upload it to your computer using the flipshare software, and make a movie, it all just goes together.
Comment from : partykurt

while your taking a video can u pause it then continue recording??
Comment from : jvictorino

Can we get flip camcorder in india?
Comment from : ShravanMagic

nope sounds like shit i tried
Comment from : jakethreesixty

Gabrielle Jacquot
can you pause it while your making a video?
Comment from : Gabrielle Jacquot

not sure, but the flip video mino can, i have one myself
Comment from : ooPETERo

yes, you can shoot up to 120 minuts, i might get one.
Comment from : ooPETERo

it does not take pictures, only video
Comment from : DJDeathRevenant

Chris JOhjnn
the camera has a built in usb arm and the software is built into that
Comment from : Chris JOhjnn

i have the green flip ultra and a waterproof case
Comment from : devinneyJnW

Carlos Gutierrez
same here! lol
Comment from : Carlos Gutierrez

This was really helpful, thanks :D
Comment from : carolinetopping18

Bridget Morgan
the manufacture highly suggests you do not use rechargeable since they don't carry enough charge .
Comment from : Bridget Morgan

Wait, can you use this cam for live shows on the internet?
Comment from : SamusEric

Griffon Dahrk
For individual avi files it isn't that bad.
Comment from : Griffon Dahrk

Griffon Dahrk
Hey, it's because of your video that I tried kino. It compiled fine, and I'm having success with it. Thanks, man.
Comment from : Griffon Dahrk

10 minutes to import? That doesn't seem right.
Comment from : ttk1opc

Jeff Sadowski
That is two good reviews for this product Chris Pirillo had some good words about it also he says its really easy to use.
Comment from : Jeff Sadowski

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